To: Jan Marx, Mayor, City of San Luis Obispo, Kathy Smith, Councilwoman, City of San Luis Obispo, Dan Caprenter, Councilman, City of San Luis Obispo, Dan Carpenter, Councilman, City of San Luis Obispo, and Name, Title or Position (optional)

Appoint Jeff Aranguena to SLO Council Vacancy

The SLO City Council will decide in early February whether to appoint someone to the Council vacancy or hold an expensive and unnecessary special election. Jeff Aranguena ran an honest and intelligent race for Council in November and is already the people's runner up choice. It's time for the Councilmembers to step up and commit to filling the vacancy with Jeff Aranguena.

Why is this important?

The Mayor and City Council members of San Luis Obispo need to step up and appoint Jeff Aranguena to the vacancy on the Council - no need for an expensive special election!


Reasons for signing

  • Jeff Aranguena should be appointed to city council!
  • Please do the sensible thing this time instead of making an exceptionally costly & unwise decision. You have already made too many of those lately.
  • If we can't spend money on Homes for the Homeless, then we shouldn't spend money on unneeded election. Ever heard of WISDOM?