To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

APRIL 24TH - National Free Press Appreciation Day!

“Support Your Free Press!” - Rachel Maddow, 3/7/17

Sign this petition to show your support and make it a national day for American Free Press!

In honor of America's first newspaper, The Boston News Letter (Apr 24, 1704), let's make April 24th National Free Press Appreciation Day and send a message to the White House "Don't Mess With Our Free Press!"


Join us on April 24th between 12pm and 2pm to show support for America's Free Press. Visit your local newspaper, radio station or TV station offices with your signs and posters and let's give a huge thanks to our hard-working press staffers while telling the White House "Don't Mess With Our Free Press!"

Can't make it to a rally? No problem, here's how you can show your support:
- Tune in your TV or radio to your favorite news channel
- Subscribe to a newspaper or newsletter
- "Like" or "Follow" online your favorite news website or show

Everyone can speak up to protect and support our free press from this administration!

Why is this important?


"Democracy dies in darkness." - The Washington Post

The White House has launched a full-scale attack on America's free press. In their efforts to convince us that the press is our enemy, they have galvanized our appreciation of the free press and of the first amendment of the Constitution. We Americans know that the free press belongs to all of us and is not to be dismantled, threatened, manipulated or used as a weapon against us.

Join us in standing up for our American Free Press on April 24th!

African-American Caucus of the CA Democratic Party
Allied Progressive Front (Facebook)
Arab-American Caucus of the CA Democratic Party
Cayuga Democratic Women's Caucus (OH)
Chicano Latino Caucus of CA Democratic Party
Children's Caucus of the CA Democratic Party
Democratic Alliance for Action - Santa Clarita (CA)
Fairfield Democratic Town Committee (CT)
Indivisible Arkansas
Indivisible Auburn (CA)
Indivisible Boston PAG (MA)
Indivisible California
Indivisible Charlotte (NC)
Indivisible Eastside (WA)
Indivisible Los Angeles (CA)
Indivisible New River Valley (VA)
Indivisible Omaha (NE)
Indivisible Philadelphia (PA)
Indivisible Seattle (WA)
Indivisible Virginia (VA)
Indivisible Washington (WA)

Thanks to...
Sandie Thurston, Northern Virginia (Concept)
Tifa Kerbal, San Francisco, CA (Artwork)


Reasons for signing

  • Trump, keep your filthy little hands off our free press. Only a coward like you fears the truth uncovered by the excellent journalists of the Fourth Estate. It isn't "fake news" that's the problem, it's the lying occupant of the White House.
  • a free press is not free, money wise, so support your favorite media with subscriptions and donations. worth it!