To: Representative Andy Tobin, Speaker of the House and Senator Andy Biggs, President of the Senate

Arizona Advocacy Network

Please block any additional votes on SB1344, SCR1003 or HB2305 related measures, and support passage of HB2651.

SB1344 attacks the enforcement of Arizona’s toughest campaign finance law, Clean Elections. Lawmakers supporting SB1344 further undermine the voter approved campaign finance system that requires candidates to focus on voters, not donors.

SCR1003 is unnecessary and scrutinizes voter approved citizens' initiatives while legislative referenda get a free pass. The legislature can refer any law, existing or proposed, to the ballot at any election. SCR1003 is a ballot measure not worthy of being part of Arizona's Constitution.

Now that Republicans have blocked the citizens' referendum on HB2305, resurrecting any part of it would be insincere and surely lead to a new referendum effort. Arizonans have spoken loud and clear. Don't bring back any parts of HB2305.

Lastly, I urge you to lead and gather support for Representative Kavanagh's bill, HB2651. His proposal frees state officials from seeking more financial aid from lobbyists and special interests to fund office holder accounts. HB2651 increases government integrity and reduces the influence of special interests over officials, perceived or real. The bill will help fund needed election equipment and increases voter participation.

Thank you

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  • 4gsRPm
  • Clean elections are a nice start, it needs to be strengthened not pulled apart
  • Democracy is a treasure that WILL die if legislation like this passes.

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