To: The Arizona State Senate

Arizona State Legislature: stop SB 1213! Teach Arizona’s children scientific facts, not myth.

Committee Chair, Senator Yee, and the Arizona State Education and Rules Committee: Stop AZ SB 1213. Don’t dupe Arizona’s children, teach them facts about climate change.

Why is this important?

My name is Vincent Pawlowski. I’m a a graduate student at the University of Arizona and father of two successful graduates of the public school system in Tucson, Arizona.

I’m deeply concerned about the political attacks on quality, science-based teaching in Arizona public schools. Senate Bill (SB) 1213 is a direct assault on teaching the reality of climate science.

The bill was introduced by climate denier Sen. Judy Burges. SB 1213 “encourages pupils to explore scientific questions, learn about scientific evidence, develop critical thinking skills and respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion about controversial issues” including “biological evolution” and “global warming.” In other words, teachers would be allowed to present personal political or ideological belief, instead of the well-documented scientific truth.

They try to make it sound innocuous, when in actuality the bill allows teachers to present personal political or ideological belief, instead of the well-documented scientific truth. The sponsor of the bill , Sen. Judy Buges, even admits to it saying she introduced SB 1213 to attack the teaching of the scientific fact of global warming.

“It actually says in the textbooks that if you don’t believe in global change that you’re very misinformed,” Sen. Burges told the Arizona Daily Star. “There should be an opportunity for teachers to step up to the plate and give their opinion, if they have scientific proof, that it isn’t happening, that it’s a natural phenomena, without retribution.”

Every major scientific institution in the world, including our own National Academy of Sciences, accepts the reality of human-caused global warming. It’s hitting the state of Arizona hard with 38% of the state facing severe droughts. Our children need to know about climate change because it literally puts them in danger and they will be the ones inheriting a world in which it is a stark reality.

I appeal to my fellow parents, students, teachers, and concerned Arizonans: sign the petition to kill this climate denial bill in the Senate Education and Rules Committee and protect Arizona’s future.

Thanks for your hard work,

—Vince Pawlowski