To: Amy Quinn, Deputy Mayor, Yvonne Clayton, Councilmember, Eileen Chapman, Councilmember, Rob McKeon, Director of Code Enforcement, Hannah Walker, Communications Director, and John Moor, Mayor

Asbury Park City Council: Stop Inhibiting Short Term Summer Rentals

Asbury Park City Council is proposing to enact an ordinance outlining strict regulations limiting and barring short-term rentals, an unreasonable infringement on private property rights in this beach resort town, which thrives on weekly summer rentals.

Why is this important?

As responsible owners of residential real property in a tourist-driven beach resort town, many of whom have made significant investments in homes here, and who have endured outrageous property tax increases, we strongly object to this unreasonable infringement on our property rights.

While the City has put forth an absurd rationale related to phantom nuisances created by transient lessees, citizen stakeholders know the truth. Residents have become increasingly reliant on supplementing their income through rentals to offset spiking city taxes and in 99% of instances fully comply with all existing codes related to noise and nuisance.

As big developers enjoy constant concessions and tax breaks, individual residents are being penalized for their resourcefulness and we will not stand for it. We must unite to defeat this proposed Ordinance, and the Council must know their reelection depends on their position on this issue.

Come to a meeting to let your voice be heard, Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 10AM at the City Council Chambers at the Asbury Park Municipal Building.