To: Hillary Clinton, Presidential candidate

Ask Hillary Clinton to Choose An Alternative to Donald Trump

We ask Hillary Clinton to ask her Electors to vote for an alternative presidential candidate of her choosing who might attract enough Trump electors to defeat him in the Electoral College, or to win in the presidency in the House of Representatives. Such a selfless "Profile in Courage" moment would be among the most significant in history, and could spare the world from a Trump-Putin catastrophe.

Why is this important?

According the the 12th Amendment (see Hillary Clinton could instruct her delegates to cast their Electoral College votes for an alternative candidate who might win enough Trump defectors (37 are needed) to deny him the presidency and either win outright in the Electoral College or put the contest into the House of Representatives. We ask that she step forward in a "Profiles in Courage" moment and save the world from a Trump-Putin catastrophe.


Reasons for signing

  • I know this is most likely fruitless, but Trump's lack of alleigence to our Country or to anyone really scares me. He is a bully, con man and total fraud. It's a sad and trying day for us. So many millions of people will be hurt by his pathological insecurity and narcissism.
  • Trump is a great narcist and a very dangerous person for the whole world! Be couragous!
  • Still hopeful