To: Rep. John Moolenaar (MI-4)

Ask John Moolenaar to donate his NRA contributions to charity

We have just experienced the 18th school shooting in 2018, and it's FEBRUARY. Seventeen people have lost their lives. Congress needs to take sensible action on guns, and their first act would be to STOP taking political contributions from the NRA. And the contributions they have already received should be DONATED TO CHARITY.

Why is this important?

John Moolenaar has accepted $10,554 in contribution from the NRA and its associates. He needs to give that money to the victims of gun violence or another charity.

The NRA cannot continue to hamstring Congress by "paying them off." We need common sense firearms regulations that will help limit gun ownership to responsible citizens and prevent their acquisition by non-citizens, felons, and people convicted of violent crimes. We also need an assault weapons ban NOW so that the AR-15 (used in every mass shooting in recent years) isn't widely available to anybody who wants to create mass harm.

I have four kids in public schools. When I see video of kids cowering under desks, screaming and begging for their lives, I see my kids. Those are children, and there are parents who sent their kids off yesterday only to have them not come home. Children deserve to be able to study in peace, and not go to school in fear that somebody might start shooting. We have got to pass common-sense gun reform, and we have to do it NOW. Stop taking donations from the NRA and start listening to your constituents, many of whom are responsible gun owners who support these measures.