To: Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

Ask the AFL-CIO to never endorse Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell for election to public office!

In light of WA senators Murray and Cantwell's support of fast track of the TPP trade agreement, ask the largest national body representing organized labor to commit to never again endorsing either politician for any public office.

Why is this important?

Senate Democrats Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell voted yes for fast track authorization of of the TPP trade agreement, betraying organized labor in one of the most union dense states in the nation. The TPP will very likely pass once negotiated by President Obama and corporate lobbyists. Ask the nation's largest representative of organized labor to never again endorse either Senator for any public office again unless they vote down the TPP itself when the time comes!


Reasons for signing

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  • Lame duck TPP vote could be disastrous for Dems—and America
  • Cantwell and Murray are clearly not the side of anybody but corporate interests in this. Time to replace them.