To: Chancellor David Ward, Interim Chancellor, UW-Madison

Ask the UW-Madison Administration to Modify Student ID Cards

We, students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, are calling on the administration to modify student identification cards to comply with 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, commonly known as the Voter ID law.

As students residing in Madison, we have a significant stake in the running of our state and our country, and have the right to have our voices heard. We may not all have valid Wisconsin driver's licenses, but every one of us has a UW-Madison student ID card. 

Multiple options are available to modify our ID cards, which currently lack the required signature and expiration date. We would like to see exploration and implementation of whichever option might provide the greatest ease for voting.

As students, we are relying on you to support our right to vote in the state of Wisconsin, and to continue the tradition of community involvement sustained by UW-Madison and the Wisconsin Idea. Please stand up for us, and our voices can then be heard to support the university and to support future classes of students.

Why is this important?

Currently, most student identification cards, including those issued by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, are not compliant with 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, commonly known as the Voter ID law. The Administration could modify our ID cards to make them valid for voting purposes. We're asking them to move on this issue as soon as possible, so that students will have fewer obstacles to voting in the spring 2011 elections.