AT&T: Stop Giving Our Money to Rick Perry

Stop giving our money to Rick Perry and other radical politicians who don't represent the majority of AT&T customers.

Why is this important?

AT&T gave $462,739 to Rick Perry since 2000.

Refuse to support Rick Perry's anti-choice, anti-GLBT & anti-environmental stances, to name but a few of the many issues progressive voters care about and Rick Perry fights against. Switch phone companies AND demand AT&T stop subsidizing radical politicians like Perry.



Reasons for signing

  • Please. Just stop.
  • Please make your donations to something USEFUL - like the American Red Cross! Help the children and the sick and stay out of politics. I am capable of not making phone calls and writing pen and paper LETTERS!
  • I don't dislike Rick Perry because he's a Republican. I dislike him because he's a dumbass.