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To: Ronald Dion DeSantis/ Attention CAPTAIN P. VALDES

In Pursuit of Justice & Equality for the Forgotten

This campaign has ended.

In Pursuit of Justice & Equality for the Forgotten

I want them to give the Prisoners at the Miami Dade County Jail a 90 day Grace period on the $2 a day substance fee , discount on all essential items that will allow us as prisoners to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading .

Why is this important?

Due to the infectious outbreak of the coronavirus/ covid19 Florida Government Ron DeSantis has issued a State wide National Emergency for the State of Florida on or about March 9th 2020, which was subsequently followed a week later by President Donald J Trump on or about March , 16, 2020 who declared a national Emergency for the entire United States of America due to the Pandemic and Plaque of the Coronavirus disease that has spread throughout our country .As we sit here today Schools have been suspended Sports have been suspended , Small Business and Large Companies alike are being shut down or being limited to the amount of hours they can stay open due to “Social Distancing Policy.” Set out by our leaders of our country, consequently leaving our civilians, citizens & family members with no way of making income to pay for Mortgages, Utility Bills, ect. Governments on Both levels, State & Federal Have implemented 90 days grace periods that will allow people to be behind on Bills and have even created stimulus plans & contingent plans that will allow hard working people to be reimbursed for lost wages because of this hardship that has halted our economy basically leaving it stagnant. At this time as afore mentioned above the Prisoners listed below here in are Petition Captain P. Valdes of Miami Dade County Jail to grant us relief and a 90-day Grace Period to suspend all $2 substance Fees for the next 90 days. To lower Prices on all essential items on commissary to enable us to stop this infectious corona virus from spreading. As any other decision to oppose this will violate our 8th amendment right of cruel and unusual punishment and therefore will make MDC administration office cupable for any fatalities and / or Prisoners that are infected by this disease because of administrations Blatant disregard for Prisoners constitutional right and Hardship that is created by this national pandemic that you all failed to address .
Thank you for the time and patience in this matter .
By Benson Cadet a Prisoner at the Miami Dade County Jail
This are some signatures of those affected by this situation .
1.Marvin Green
2. Shamir Mobry # 200129652
3. Sergio Cruz # 19016208
4. Marcus Etienne #160155522
5. Luis Ibarra #200121129
6. Wendell Clark #150133448
7.Daniel Camacho #190130963
8. Brandon Jones #170173974
9. Bobby Mills # 190150403
10. Tafari Dickson #170155190
11. Krishon Hedge # 180166507
12. Emmanuel Hill #200124194
13. Derefaka Mark #190160339
14. Clizue Lake # 18014426
15. Carl Emil #170154565
16. Herodoto Mathurin #200127184
17. Roberto Macaya #180167137
18. Scott Alaniz #200129676
19. Vergho Thomas #190169900
20. Martin Espinosa #200127386
21. Gabriel Bustos #200125285
22. Terrace Billingslea #190149489
23. Celestin, Stanley #200130327
24. Bellande Rony #200126664
25. Alvin Higgs #200129573
26. Deleon , Brownlee #200126531
27. Haynes Henry # 160121804
28. Edmonds Marguaze #190162840
29. Randy Williams #180136721
30.Donavan Patterson #180137344
31. Travon Lenkins #200126140
32. Antonio Dean #190159995
33. Tiandre Addison #190169677
34. Mark Finegan # 190158754
35. Patrick Varence # 200126289
36. Oreste Betancourt #190168154
37. Luis Pinada #190145266
38. Reginald A. Sales #200128044
39. Nicholas Hanks #190167348
40.Josue Banegas #190172713
41. Joseph Holder # 200128904
42. Daquarius White # 200126044
43. Robert Muina #200126245
44. Mikey Sarcia #190155632
45. Kendarius Bullard #200122033
46. Lazaro Izquierdo # 200122033
47. Juan Roman #190160330
48. Bryan Rivero # 190166389
49. Warren Rivero # 190166389
50. Benson Cadet
Over 100 Prisoners' Signed this Petition This is the amount we can place !
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Reasons for signing

  • Because out justice system is a is a broken system that must be abolished so that it may be rebuilt in a fair and just accountancy.
  • Stop Mass Incarceration Immediately and Permanently!!!


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