To: Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States

Attorney General Sessions: Stop the Hunt for Baby Lily!

Call for an end to FBI raids and intimidation of animal rescues, and stop the hunt for Lily the piglet!

Why is this important?

FBI agents are raiding animal sanctuaries with search warrants in a search for a baby pig rescued from a factory farm. This is not just deeply immoral - we have a duty to help animals who are being abused - but an incredible waste of government resources, in a time that our nation is in crisis due to natural disasters. We're asking Attorney General Sessions to instruct the Utah US Attorney and FBI offices to stop the harassment of animal rescuers, call off the hunt for Lily, and prosecute animal abusing corporations!


Reasons for signing

  • Protect the rescuers not the abusers
  • We would say America is a developped country but with such practices that protect the unmoral practises standing for theobvious false accusations... I wouldn't say anymore that America is a civilised country seeing what the law is standing for. There is still time you can stand for the moral paththat animal activists are showing to the world. Please do so. The world is watching. The goodwill always win. May peace and love be with you
  • Bizarre. I’d rather celebrate the life of a rescued animal. I’d say animal abuse is the real crime.

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