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To: Hernando county Commissioners

ATV/ UTV riding isn’t a crime

We would like our right to ride our ATV AND UTV machines per the Florida state law. We as a community don’t appreciate having our rights removed without the opportunity to voice our opinions on said subject. We also know this was handle unconstitutionally as it was stated on video during the meeting mins recorded. We would like the opportunity to address a few areas of concern on the way you have conducted business in our county and about this new ordnance you passed as well as the budget report showing these machines and these machines alone caused the damage to our unpaved roads which we are allowed to ride on. The materials used on these road ways are lime rock roads which washes away with every rainstorm. Note: Riding in retention ponds, power lines, off the designated areas, private property without permission is already against the law and anyone caught doing such acts should be held accountable and should be responsible for cost of the damages they caused. Law abiding citizens should never be held accountable or punished because of someone else’s criminal actions. So we would like the opportunity to address this issue in a public meeting at a time of day people can attend. With that said we thank for your time.
The Hernando county community

Why is this important?

To the Hernando county community members it is our right to be able to enjoy our machines on unpaved roads in this community per Florida law. Taking away our rights to ride behind our backs was not only wrong but disrespectful and unconstitutional. They want to blame budget cost on us for damaged roads but we share these roads with other vehicles as well. They have no business using budget cost as an excuse when they have spent 20million dollars on a bicycle bridge nobody wanted in the first place. That is a huge waste of our money! Money that could fix our roads, fund our schools, build a splash pad for our kids, and improved our parks. As far as the individuals that break the laws on these machines are concerned they are the ones that should be held accountable and lose their privileges to ride and should be forced to pay for any damages they cause when operating their machines as they are the responsible party. Law abiding Citizens should never be held accountable for other individuals bad choices.
With that said I hope to have your support with your signatures on this form and look forward to seeing our community members riding on the unpaved roads again!



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