To: The Kansas State House, The Kansas State Senate, and Governor Laura Kelly

Aubrey's Law

Even if you're a first time offender, if you harm a child you should be placed under a more harsh sentencing guideline than someone who commits a petty crime. Help get this law passed for more strict punishments for first time child abusers.

Why is this important?

My daughter (19 months old at the time) was severely injured, and the state of Kansas doesn't have strict enough punishing guidelines for child abusers that are first time offenders. I don't believe that someone who hurts a baby deserves a second chance.

Help create this law. Children deserve a future. The current laws are placing children back into the hands of abusive parents, and putting the abusers back on the streets. My daughter survived, others aren't as lucky. This has to end.


Reasons for signing

  • Never a child be harmed for any reason.
  • Anyone who harms a poor defenseless child, does not deserve to be given a second chance in my eyes, I don't care who you are!!
  • How do some of these judges sleep at night?