To: Secretary Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Michigan Secretary of State, Pennsylvania Secretary of State, and Wisconsin Secretary of State

Audit or hand recount votes in key states

Ask for an audit or hand recount in key states so the American public has confidence in the election results.

Why is this important?

When we hold an election in this country, every vote should be counted fairly and transparently. That's an essential principle of our democracy.

Here's what we know about the elections held two weeks ago: Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in the popular vote by more than 2 million votes—but the results in a few key states that could result the outcomes of the electoral vote are likely to come down to as few as 100,000 votes. That’s why Americans deserve to be fully confident that all votes in this election are counted fairly before the Electoral College meets in mid-December.

There is an opportunity right now to give us greater confidence in our elections, both this year and in the future—by asking for an audit or hand recount in close states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Will you sign our petition asking for an audit or recount in key states?

Leading computer scientists and election security experts have urgently called on election officials to transparently verify the results that have been reported by auditing the paper ballots—the actual votes cast—in key states and precincts where only computer results have been tallied.

To be clear: the electoral results are not likely to change. However, experts are saying we shouldn't place all of our trust on a computer alone when the actual votes are in front of us.

Researchers have repeatedly exposed critical vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines, and in a year like this when the result was close and unexpected and where election hacking repeatedly made the news, we owe it to our democracy to make sure everyone can be as confident as possible in the outcome. 

This is worth repeating: Americans deserve to be confident that all votes in this election are counted fairly.

That’s why we are calling on the 2016 presidential candidates and election officials to ask for an audit or hand recount in key states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


Reasons for signing

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  • I have lived in a two states that have had issues with votes in the past, Florida and Ohio, so I want to know that no matter where I might live when I next cast a vote, I know that my vote and those of everyone else, are accurately and properly tallied and given to the respective candidates, issues, etc.
  • Electronic voting is not safe,and we Must Go Back To Paper Ballots in all states,and in all elections,Period .

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