To: Dennis Davis, Mercer County schools Interim Superintendent

Autistic Boy found in duffel bag by mother- Make the school pay!

I call for action! FIRE the teacher who did this! Call the superintendant and request her immediate suspension pending review. Help this mom gain justice for the mistreatment of her 9 year old son and show the world that it's not ok to mistreat someone just because they're autistic. Autism is a complicated disability and if the teacher at this school doesn't know how to deal with it then she shouldn't be a special education teacher!

Why is this important?

A 9 year old austic boy was put in a duffel bag by his teacher and put in the hall. Mistreatment of diabled people is far too common, but a child! In school! This teacher needs to be fired and there need to be strict rules in place against this. Read the article on MSN here and watch the video.