To: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

Background checks for all private sales at Gun Shows in New Mexico

Governor Martinez, you supported H.B. 44 (previously H.B. 77) last year and committed to sign the legislation if it reached your desk, but unless you issue a message, it won't be heard in the 2014 session. Please join New Mexicans for Gun Safety and bring H.B. 44 to a vote. This bill simply keeps guns out of unsafe hands.

Why is this important?

Governor Martinez please issue a message on Representative Miguel Garcia’s rewrite of HB44--the bill which calls for background checks on all private sales at gun shows and which codifies our mental and criminal adjudication reporting to the FBI NICS database for the 2014 session.


Reasons for signing

  • All too recent history shows why this is needed.
  • All guns must be equipped with a GPS Tracking Device and all schools must have a digital fence. When any gun crosses the digital fence, then the alarm goes off to all equipped with the app; authorities and the school go into lockdown mode. The digital fence can be installed anywhere; we need awareness of potential mass shootings.
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