To: The New York State House and President Donald Trump

Ban all 5g technology.

Overtime 4G lines, when we get our cell phone and internet data, become overcrowded by more devices nationwide and we have to switch to a higher frequency. This higher frequency has been tested to be dangerous to ALL LIVING ORGANISMS.

Why is this important?

As someone who wants to save the public, awaken what a real democracy can do. 5G cellular technologies are dangerous!!!! 5G has been tested on rats and has been reported multiple times of tumors appearing, cancer! 4G Technology uses around 2-8 GHz per second; that's up to 8 billion gigahertz a second. 5G technologies will open the capacity to up to 300 billion gigahertz per second. This is incredibly dangerous And HAS TO BE SHINED INTO THE LIGHT!!!!! Please do the research, Please Speak Out!


Reasons for signing

  • Too Dangerous pure & simple. Also think about misuse by whoever...
  • We dont really know how safe it is to implement new technologies this fast...
  • Our right to live, live in truth.

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