To: Timothy R. Hogues, Thomas J. Mazur, Terrence D. McCracken, Lynn Marinelli, Lynne Dixon, Kevin Hardwick, Joseph C. Lorigo, Thomas A. Loughran, John J. Mills, and Edward Rath III

Ban Fracking and Its Toxic Waste in Erie County, NY

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Fracking threatens our essential resources—from the excessive use of our fresh water to toxic, chemical-laden wastewater that we can't dispose of. Please support Int. 4-1 (2013), a local law banning fracking on land owned by Erie County!

Why is this important?

Next Thursday (12/12/13) the Erie County Legislature will vote on whether to ban fracking and it's incredibly toxic waste from Erie County, NY. This legislation would protect the health and safety of Erie County residents, and help bring New York one step closer to a statewide ban on fracking.

Fracking is an incredibly dangerous drilling process that can contaminate and deplete local water, damage the environment, and threaten public health. Help us flood the county legislature with petition signatures this week to ban fracking in Erie County!