To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Ban Fracking in California

Let this petition serve as a writ of mandate to our public officials to do their job to protect, preserve, promote and defend our health, well being and rights to a safe, clean, beneficial environment and issue an immediate cease and desist order on all hydraulic fracturing - “fracking” - activity to include issuance of exploratory gas and oil permits.

Why is this important?

Fracking is an unregulated, lethal, toxic gas/oil extraction process exempted from the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Drinking Water, Superfund, Environmental Policy Acts. Exempt means they are not liable for and are immune from any claims of any damages or harm inflicted on the environment, homeowners, landowners, municipalities, food crops, farm animals, ground water, aquifers, rivers, streams, air, ecosystems as a result of their operation which has a history of devastating and deadly accidents, spills, and explosions.