To: The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Ban Fracking in Illinois

Illinois' weak fracking law won't protect people and our environment. Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois General Assembly must pass a ban on fracking.

Why is this important?

Governor Pat Quinn claimed the law he supported to regulate fracking would protect Illinois' environment. That was a lie. The inadequate law cannot make fracking safe for people and our environment.

After being negotiated with industry lobbyists behind closed doors, the fracking bill was rushed through the legislature with only a few hours of public debate. Now that the public has had time to review the regulation, it's clear the weak law won't protect us.

The fracking law will not prevent: earthquakes after fracking in two Illinois seismic zones, water contamination, the results of flooding and tornado disasters that hit fracking sites, radioactivity of fracking waste water, the negative health impact of air emissions on people who live nearby, destruction in the Shawnee National Forest, or many other community and public health impacts of a fracking boom. It even allows an office of Mines and Minerals that's notoriously cozy with industry to waive fines and grant new permits to repeat offenders who have a history of violating the law.

Key legislators who led the way in negotiating the law include Representatives John Bradley, Mike Bost, David Reis and Barbara Flynn Currie, plus Senate sponsor Mike Frerichs, and Green Caucus chair Ann Williams. They claim to care about protecting your environment.

Tell these fracking hypocrites we don't believe their empty promises! The only reliable way to protect people and our environment is to ban fracking.