To: Tom Rasmussen, City Council Member, Mike O'Brien, City Council Member, and Sally Bagshaw, City Council Member

Ban Gas Powered Leaf Blowers in Seattle

Seattle City Council will be studying leaf blowers. But the research is clear. They are harmful to us, our kids and the environment. You have the power to convince City Council to act,

Why is this important?

Gasoline powered leaf blowers are noisy, negatively affect our health, and pollute our precious environment. Many are powered by two-stroke engines which can emit 30 percent of their unused gas and oil as exhaust according to the California Environmental Protection Agency. The American Lung Association states that leaf blowers "can pollute the air even more than cars." For more information, go to


Reasons for signing

  • Blowers do not only pollute, they create clouds of harmful dust from the city streets that we breath in. It can't be good!
  • If we are serious about the quality of air and environment, about the state of our health and that of the wildlife around us, banning leaf blowers (or at least the 2 stroke engines that power them) is a powerful step.
  • At a time in history when just about everyone is stuck inside and at home during the day -- a time when our collective mental health is already being tested -- the effective noise pollution of gas leafblowers is dramatically increased. At least a temporary ban should be put in place.