To: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, and Governor David Ige

Ban GMO Test Crops in Hawaii

Ban GMO Test Crops in Hawaii.

Why is this important?

Companies like Monsanto are using Hawaii as a testing ground for their genetically modified organism (GMO) experiments. Due to Hawaii's remote location and year-round growing season, these companies believe we are the perfect place for these tests to occur, because if something were to go wrong, its effects would be contained here. We will not stand to be used by genetic engineering companies for their profit any longer. Get GMO test crops out of Hawaii.


Reasons for signing

  • Not in Hawaii, not now, not EVER! I am of native Hawaiian descent and I completely object this. Hawaii has been self sustainable and fed way more than what it’s population is today, before the overthrow. That was way before GMO. We don’t need GMO, we don’t want cancer and we don’t want to get sick. Stay away! You have ruined enough today Hawai’i as it is!
  • Thank you for doing the right thing for our health and the health of the soil and beautiful natural environment of Hawai.
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