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Ban Horse Slaughter in Gallatin, Missouri

Ban Rains Natural Meats from opening a horse slaughter facility in Gallatin, Missouri, by any and all legal means possible.

U.S. senators and representatives, please support the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, which will ban slaughter in the U.S. and the shipment for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. The Safeguard American Food Exports Act is S. 541 in the U.S. Senate and HR 1094 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Local and state politicians and officials, please do not issue any permits for Rains Natural Meats to open as a horse slaughter facility in Gallatin, Missouri.

Why is this important?

We do not want the proposed horse slaughter plant, Rains Natural Meats, to open in Gallatin, Mo. Horses being shipped for slaughter are not required to have health certificates. This means all types of diseases from out of state horses could enter Missouri.

Furthermore, there are over 100 equine drugs that we (the collective horse owners) give our horses that make them unfit for human consumption. The USDA has no business getting mixed up in this.

Additionally, this plant would cost U.S. taxpayers $400,000.00 per year for the USDA inspections, and the meat would be shipped overseas.

Also, we would be worried about horse thieves stealing horses in the surrounding area for slaughter, especially in this economy.

What's more, toxic waste from the plant could contaminate the entire area from a lagoon that has been dug in the clay at Rains Natural Meats, and the Grand River is nearby and is downhill from there. The area is also porous with limestone, and clay cracks.

Finally, slaughter plants want the healthy horses and never the old or sick horses. These are horses that could benefit the community as therapy horses for children and veterans, or as police mounts.


Reasons for signing

  • Our horses need to be left alone, our Government and the ranchers are lying about the population, it’s all about big business and the ranchers making more money and getting richer, they want to mine and drilling for oil, we the people are not as stupid as they think...
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