To: President Donald Trump

Ban lobbying from unelected corporations receiving federal contracts.

We, a national social justice covenant community (SisBros) request that you sign this petition to President Obama demanding that he issue an executive order forcing big government contractors to disclose their political spending, and banning all political activity by companies receiving more than half their revenues from the US Government.
(Adapted from Beyond Outrage by Robert Reich)

Why is this important?

Our social justice covenant community, SisBros, read Robert Reich’s book, Beyond Outrage. We are voters and are aware of how the Citizens United ruling allows for no limits on what unelected corporations can spend on political activity. An executive order would stop this expensive conflict of interest by banning all political activity by unelected corporations getting more than half their revenues from the federal government. This executive order will provide transparency regarding unelected corporate lobbying.


Reasons for signing

  • corporates out of the politics now!
  • President Obama, please do what you can to stop lobbying by corporations that receive half their income due to federal contracts. Thank you
  • We need to send the message that our democracy is not for sale!

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