To: Mayor Jordan, Mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ban Plastic Bags in Fayetteville, AR

Plastic bags are everywhere in Fayetteville. They blow off the trash heaps in the landfill, out of trash cans in neighborhoods and they end up dirtying up our local creeks and landscapes here in our beautiful town Let's ban their use in Fayetteville and start a wave of change. Other towns have done this and it helps improve the value of our properties and encourages others to take a stand in their town too.

Why is this important?

Our environment. Everyone in Fayetteville can see the plastic bags blowing around Fayetteville. We used to make fun of Springdale for having chicken feathers blowing around the streets of their town due to the chicken trucks hauling live chickens through town. Now, when I see those plastic bags blowing into our creek beds, across fields and into streams I think how they are not biodegradable and how they are blowing out of our landfills at an increasing rate. I think we can start a good thing if we BAN THOSE BAGS!!!-- Let's do it!!!!