To: Honolulu City Council

Ban Styrofoam Food Containers!

Pass Bill 40, which bans disposable polystyrene foam food containers and requires vendors to use compostable material.

Why is this important?

Honolulu has already banned foam containers with chlorofluorocarbons, due to health concerns. It’s time to go one step further in protecting our land.

Polystyrene foam containers are still made with the carcinogen styrene and do not break down safely, leaving our beaches and land scattered with toxic foam bits and endangering species that try to consume the foam.

On May 28, 2014, I introduced Bill 40 in the City Council. This bill would ban food vendors from the use of any polystyrene foam containers. The Bill requires that all disposable food service containers must be made of compostable material that will break down into usable compost in a safe and timely manner without leaving any toxic residue. This new regulation will apply to all disposable food service containers from a restaurant or takeout food operation as packaging to serve or transport food. This will include plates, cups, bowls, trays, and hinged or lidded containers.

I’m asking my colleagues on the City Council to pass this bill without delay!