To: PA DEP's Environmental Quality Board

Ban the Frack Pit

This petition will be forwarded to the PA DEP's Environmental Quality Board that is accepting comments on proposed regulations and will demand an end to open impoundments or frack pits as they are commonly known.

Why is this important?

The existence of the frack pit is an environmental travesty. Frack pits are a source of toxic waste-waters and cancer causing agents and pollute our environment through leakage, spillage, and evaporataion of toxic VOCs, thus contaminating water, soil, and the air we breathe.
Frack pits are a danger to animal, plant, and human life and have no place in our Commonwealth.
In place of the frack pit, all gas operators should be required to use some form of a closed loop system for waste storage.
We, the undersigned, demand an end to the open impoundment or frack pit and demand PA place the health and welfare of its citizens above all other interests.
To allow the continued existence of frack pits in our Commonwealth is unconscionable