To: Helle Thorning-Shmidt, prime minister if Denmark, President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Ban the legalization of beastiality, and the functioning of animal brothels. Bringing awarenss ab...

Pease join me in bringing realization to this completely inhuman treating of animals.
Aware that this behavior is actually promoted and legal, in some countries like Denmark. I plan on making noise about it. Who's with me?

Why is this important?

I have started this petition because I'm a lover of animals, and I believe that they deserve advocates to represent them.
After seeing photographs and videos of animal brothels all over the world showing helpless animals tied down and sodomized and raped by human beings, laying in pools of their own blood, it made me so sick to my stomach.
I know that there's others out there that feel the same way .
This is happening in countries like Sweden,Brazil,Belgium,Germany,Russia, and Denmark. As well as in the U.S., places like Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Kansas, North Carolina, and New Mexico too.
Some of these states have laws protecting animals of certain abuse but not necessarily sexual abuse. I hope we can get as many signatures as possible to at least deem the petition worthy of recognition by officials who hold places in office.


Reasons for signing

  • I am against beastiality
  • This is sick ! And we have a disease now from eating animals !
  • This must end ! It's not 1800.