To: The Michigan State Senate and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Ban the use of fireworks in Michigan

Ban the use of personal firework use in the state of Michigan.

Why is this important?

The Michigan State Legislature has made all fireworks legal. But even when they were illegal, there was no recourse for those affected by them. Citizens complain of being "blown out of bed" at all hours of the night, having to sedate their pets with drugs due to the anxiety created by loud fireworks displays, veterans with PTSD are terrorized once again and all wildlife is stressed from the blasts. Fireworks emit toxic heavy metals in the smoke which goes onto our gardens, on our lawns where our children play, in the lake water and into our lungs. These metals can cause cancer, lung distress and digestive disorders. One must ask, is this really fun? And, what rights do we have to a quiet, peaceful home environment?


Reasons for signing

  • I'm sick of having weeks of sleepless nights. My poor cat hides in the basement after dark. And people leave their fireworks garbage scattered in the streets & parking lots.
  • I signed the petition on behalf of all domestic animals that are so scared they run and hide. Some get separated from their families. Also people who have to get up in the morning or people with health issues unable to sleep. Plus you dont know sometimes if it is gun shots, explosions or fire works. Also the amount of people that are not trained properly to light them can injure themselves and others around them. The list goes on and on.
  • It seems every day is fireworks day now! With the latest news that fireworks release heavy metals and chemicals the time is ripe to ban them anew. Let sanity rule!