To: Andrew Plepler, Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Policy Executive

Bank of America: It's Un-American to Profit from Gun Violence

Stop chasing gun manufacturer blood money and immediately cease dealings with Freedom Group/Cerberus.

Why is this important?

It's bad enough that more than a year after the Sandy Hook massacre, Congress hasn't acted on common sense gun laws, but should Wall Street profit and laugh all the way to the bank?

The Wall Street firm Cerberus Capital Management still hasn't honored its promise to divest itself of Freedom Group, the manufacturer of the military-style assault weapon that killed 20 first grade children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary. Cerberus is still dragging its feet and holding out for a generous buyer to take on Freedom Group, despite its growing toxicity. Even some of Cerberus' own investors are fed up and demanding to divest from gun manufacturer.

Now Bank of America is stepping in -- to help the side that uses gun profits to lobby against laws that prevent gun violence. Bank of America is leading the effort to raise money on behalf of Freedom Group, so that the gun manufacturer can buy off those responsible investors trying to get out. (To the tune of $175 million.) Meanwhile, Cerberus hangs onto its other Freedom Group investments.

Don't let Bank of America get away with it. Demand that they pull out of the deal immediately. Sign this petition.