To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Battered Mother Receive Battered Justice

Janice Ritchey W 53958 Escaped her abusive domestic partner, he stalked her and made threats to her life and her unborn baby and her parents if she did not return to him. She returned to him....he held her emotional hostage, he was loaded on "Meth" with a history of mental illness and he killed her animals to prove control over Janice because she was got home late from work. The fact she was pregnant, his Meth use, and his history of mental illness and the fact he had killed her animals was hidden from the Jury. Double Standards do not allow for women to exercise their rights to Self Defense.

Why is this important?

There Are Thousands of Battered Women-Mothers Across America Who Are Serving Lengthy Sentenes for Defending Their Own Lives and The Lives of Their "unborn baby" and live children From A Domestic Abuser. Abortion Laws Do Not Allow The Right To Defend or Protect an Unborn Fetus. Mothers Cannot Claim the Defense. This is hidden from the Judge and Jury. Free Janice Ritchey W 53958
Call the Governor's Office 1-916 455-2841 & Joe Biden 1-916-202-456-1111 Ask Our Leaders of the Free World to Begin A Fair and Honest Release Program and Set Short Term Limits. So Mothers Can Keep Their Babies.