To: The New Mexico State Senate

Become a "Citizen Sponsor" on NM's memorial to overturn Citizens United

Sign me up as a CITIZEN SPONSOR of Senate Memorial 3, opposing the Citizens United ruling that granted corporations the same speech rights as people and the ability to spend without limits to influence elections.

Why is this important?

New Mexico's Senate is considering a memorial opposing the United States Supreme Court's controversial Citizens United decision which now allows unlimited spending by corporations in elections.

The legislation passed the New Mexico State House on January 31, and if approved by the Senate, would place our state on record as the 2nd state in the nation to oppose the ruling (a constitutional amendment would eventually return to the 3/4s of the states for ratification).

Senators have the option of signing on as cosponsors of this legislation, and so should we. Add your name to this list of Citizen Sponsors of Senate Memorial 3, opposing this attack on our nation's democracy.