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To: State Representatives of Belknap County, Municipal and County Government Committee, Senator Bob Giuda, Governor Chris Sununu

Belknap County Residents For Gunstock

Belknap County Residents For Gunstock

Members of the Belknap County Delegation have filed a bill (HB 1078) which would take budgetary control away from the Gunstock Area Commissioners (GAC) and give it to the Belknap County Delegation. This contradicts the clear intent of the Gunstock Enabling Statute, which was enacted in 1959 with the strong support of a more enlightened Belknap County Delegation to remove Gunstock from the political arena.

That statute gave the GAC broad and total authority to operate Gunstock, which today is a thriving $15 million business. Simply put, the enabling act made the GAC the Board of Directors of Gunstock. There is no board of directors on earth without the power to manage and control its finances! In removing that control from the GAC, the bill's sponsors are seizing control of Gunstock likely to clear the path for their often-stated privatization agenda. At the very least they want to remove the independent business professionals now running Gunstock and to replace them with like thinking partisan politicians lacking significant business and ski resort experience.

We the undersigned are deeply disturbed by proposed HB 1078 and the intent behind it. Consequently, we call every member of your committee to oppose it.

Why is this important?

Gunstock Recreation Area is vital to Belknap County. It is a major employer and a primary engine in driving our county economy. It has been a regular source of revenue to our county government, with a payment of $247,000 to the county in 2021. It is viewed as a treasure to so many in our county, skiers and non-skiers alike. The best interests of the people of Belknap County will be served if it is left its present operational form aimed at benefiting our community rather than being handed over to a corporate entity driven only by an interest in making a profit or placed under the control of shortsighted partisan politicians who lack the background and experience to operate the facility. As is true with good government practice in general: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!



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