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To: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Nominee, Democratic Party and Democratic National Convention

Don't Endorse Hillary Clinton!

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Dear Bernie Sanders, We, your supporters, delegates and superdelegates, urge you to respect the Democratic Party's process. You are a Candidate for President until the full Democratic Party Convention decides who they endorse. It is not your role now to endorse Hillary until that final vote is made. Nor, in this process, is it our role now to endorse her--or not--either.

Why is this important?

Whereas you ran a principled campaign against Hillary Clinton because she is an establishment candidate,

Whereas she can change her positions and can even adopt your many of your platform planks but she cannot change her record,

Whereas you inspired millions of young people to participate in this election and continually encourage them to get involved in the political process,

Whereas one of your campaign slogans is NOT ME US,

We implore you not to endorse Hillary Clinton prior to the convention. Further, we implore you not to release your delegates and put her name up for acclamation by unanimous consent. Please allow your delegates to vote on behalf of the millions of supporters who elected them in caucuses all over the country to represent them at this convention.

And because, for ALL of us--this about a movement--not a candidate.