To: Sen. Bernard Sanders (VT-2)

Bernie: Stand With the Hundreds of Thousands Suffering From Chronic Lyme Disease

We ask Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to include the issue and controversy of chronic Lyme disease as part of his political platform.

Why is this important?

I myself suffer from chronic Lyme disease and I am tired of insurance companies refusing to pay for my treatment. Healthcare is a right (as Senator Sanders has stated) and the health of our citizens should be a priority... No one should be ignored.


Reasons for signing

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  • ENgEeT
  • I hope this is a message Bernie can read. Many believe in antibiotic treatment of Lyme who are a part of ILADS. I do not agree with that perspective. My doctors left me for dead though, and the only person that saved me was a Chinese physician in Corbett, Oregon. I wish I could show the picture here. I couldn't walk, and it hurt to sit or lie in any way. It is unreal what I went through. Medicare won't pay for any treatment, and if it does, it's oral antibiotics, which I'm deathly allergic to...

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