To: Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education and President Donald Trump

Betsy DeVos: Resign

Despite your narrow and controversial confirmation, you are completely unqualified to serve as Secretary of Education.

We, the undersigned, demand your immediate resignation. In your confirmation hearings, you confirmed that you know nothing about public schools–as well as some of our most at-risk students, such as those with disabilities. It's time to step down, before you do any further damage to our neighborhood schools, and our children. Resign now.

Why is this important?

Betsy DeVos has proven time and time again that she is completely unqualified to serve as Secretary of Education.

Recently, she struggled to answer even basic questions about schools in her home state of Michigan, where she implemented a private charter school system that has drained public education funds and worsened both public and private school performance statewide.

During her confirmation hearings, it was alarmingly clear she was lacking knowledge about public education as we know it, as well as our most at-risk students—the disabled, the economically disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and more.

Also in her hearings, she cited dangers from "grizzlies" as a reason guns should be in schools. Now, unsurprisingly, she is advocating Donald Trump's plan to arm teachers.

A well-educated public is an essential cornerstone of American democracy. Betsy DeVos is a clear and present danger to that and must be forced to resign.


Reasons for signing

  • She embodies everything wrong with the Department of Education!
  • There is no need to pay administrators more. Public schools can and often do have diverse curriculums. Teachers know their subject and it is not hard to see which subjects benefit society. Administrators are paid too much and their job is not very hard. At least in my area.
  • Redirecting funds that are supposed to go to public schools for everyone, which WE ALL pay for with our taxes, to private schools and virtual scam schools during a plague shows no moral compass. She also contributes to organizations that are behind the disrupting far right rallies protesting lockdown. Do we not have enough death and destruction right now?

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