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To: President Biden

Biden: Let immigrants reunite with their families

Biden: Let immigrants reunite with their families

The number of migrants in detention has actually increased since President Biden took office. The vast majority are being held in private prisons, which are notorious for their unsafe and abusive conditions.

When he was running for office, President Biden committed to reducing the number of migrants being detained. The new administration quickly cut government ties with private prisons -- EXCEPT for immigration detention.

President Biden should practice what he preaches, and end government contracts with ALL private prisons -- including DHS and ICE detention facilities.

Why is this important?

There is a staggering 40% MORE migrants being detained now than during the Trump administration. Most of them -- over 80% -- are being held in dangerous private prisons.

Since 2016, over 50 immigrants have died while being detained in government custody, most from medical neglect. Private prison companies like Core Civic and Geo Group are making MILLIONS off this crisis -- holding government contracts of over $85 billion and $121 billion.

Many recent migrants are parents and young adults attempting to reunite with family members already here in the U.S. Immigrants should be reunited with their families -- NOT dying in detention. We demand that President Biden cuts government ties with ALL private companies, including immigration detention.


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