To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Block AT&T takeover of T-mobile and consumer choice

This corporate takeover will put further pressure on Sprint and other small carriers which might be taken over by Verizon and then we will be left with just two behemoths with consumers at their mercy. This deal should not go through at any cost. It is bad for consumers - period!

Why is this important?

There is already not enough choice in the mobile phone market as evidenced by poor consumer satisfaction with their phone service and high prices. AT&T has done little to allay consumer complaints about their slow network and dropped calls. How can one believe that their takeover of T-mobile will result in better service for consumers when then can't keep their present house in order?


Reasons for signing

  • I agree that it is a bad for Att to take over Tmobile. In the long run the average consumer would suffer because the lack of competition. It is very close to being mono plizing the market which is against democracy. I believe that the governement should do something about it. Open competition not only helps the costumers but also it makes the company t o provide better services.
  • This takeover is not at all good for the consumers, as it is there is not much competition in the mobile market here. The prices they charge are exorbitant. Compare that to India, cell phone are so much affordable, that even a street vendor has one. After the merger there will be only two major carriers left Verizon and AT&T. I doubt if Sprint can survive them, it will either get taken over by Verizon or will have to fold or buy some local carriers. Either ways it means reduce competition. ...
  • I agree. This is definitely a bad deal for consumers.