To: Charlie Baker, Governor, Mayor Marty Walsh, and Superintendent Tommy Chang

Boston adults support Boston youth #bpswalkout!

Victory! The creator of this petition declared the campaign a success. You can still sign the petition to show support.

As parent and grandparents, as educators, and as concerned community members, we stand in solidarity with Boston students as they prepare for #bpswalkout on Monday, March 7, 2016.

We could not be more proud of our young people. They are organizing to let the city and state know how much they value their schools, their education, and their right to participate in civic conversation. Our students understand that the proposed budget cuts will have a devastating impact on their education - and they are taking responsible, public action to register their dissent in response.

We love these young people, whom we have nurtured and taught from childhood. They are now ready to advocate for themselves, and we respect them for it.

We call upon all of Boston to support its youth as they take center stage on Monday.

In solidarity, and with great admiration for our students, I sign this petition.

Why is this important?

BPS students came up with the idea and have led all of the organizing related to #bpswalkout. This petition is our way of letting the students involved know that the adults in their community support their efforts.