To: Boundary Stone

Boundary Stone: Stop Opposing A Wage Increase

Dear Boundary Stone -

I'm dismayed at your recent public opposition to a tipped minimum wage increase. Workers deserve fair pay and working conditions. Living off of tips creates too much insecurity.

As a customer I ask that not only do you walk back your position, but publicly guarantee a wage increase for your tipped workers. Investing in your workers is investing in the community.

I look forward to being able to return to your restaurant, once you've fixed this problem.

Why is this important?

Boundary Stone, a local restaurant in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC, tweeted out a petition opposing a minimum wage increase for tipped workers.

Many people who live off of tips can't afford basic necessities. Tipped employees in DC make $2.77 an hour. This is too low.

Boundary Stone should apologize for taking this public stance and should voluntarily raise the wages for their tipped employees.

To learn more about what it's like to live off of tips, here is a great video from the Restaurant Opportunity Center:

Boundary Stone's tweet is here:


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