To: Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts: Take Away Trump's Honorary Presidency

Donald Trump has shown once again that he is a terrible role model for young people, and we demand that Boy Scouts of America revoke Donald Trump's honorary title of president of the organization.

Why is this important?

I served six years as a Marine, but the first uniform I put on was as a member of Boy Scouts of America. In the Boy Scouts, I lived by the Boy Scout Law, learning their code of values.

At the Boy Scouts National Jamboree on Monday, Donald Trump showed he shares none of these values, and disrespected tens of thousands of young Scouts and their families by turning a nonpartisan event into a bizarre, offensive campaign rally, leading chants booing his political enemies, praising himself, and bragging about his election.

It has long been a tradition for the President of the United States to serve as honorary president of Boy Scouts of America, but it is clear that Donald Trump cannot serve as a role model for Boy Scouts and other young people, and is against the values Scouts live by and the oath Boy Scouts like me swear.

Therefore, we demand that Boy Scouts of America take away Donald Trump’s honorary title of president of the organization.


Reasons for signing

  • I was an Eagle Scout myself. This is unacceptable! Revoke the honorary title from Trump now.
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  • Trump is corrupt and a disgrace to the Presidency.

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