To: Brian T. Moynihan, CEO and Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General

Boycott Bank of America, retrieve millions for CPS and the City of Chicago

I pledge to Boycott Bank of America until they renegotiate toxic swaps that have cost Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago more than $1 billion. I also ask that the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, begin public hearings to investigate the tremendous financial damage caused by toxic swaps on Chicago and our schools.

Why is this important?

I work for the Chicago Teachers Union. We are outraged that the Chicago Board of Education has known for four years that these toxic swaps with Bank of America were putting a tremendous strain on the school budget.

However, despite being briefed, warned and provided ample information, they did nothing.

We are taking matters into our own hands and giving the people an opportunity to create meaningful change and hold Bank of America accountable.


Reasons for signing

  • A preferred member and will pull my business
  • I am Bank of America customer, for 17 years. I have three accounts, but cannot respect or contribute to the racist, xenophobic, nationalistic action of a private institution harassing world citizens who have good money they want to keep safe. BoA: Move on from this cowardly tactic or lose customers.
  • Bank of America must be stopped