To: The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Boycott Casperson's Upper Peninsula

With the passages of SB 288 and 289, and the subsequent authorization of wolf hunting and trapping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula by the Department of Natural Resources Commission, we pledge NOT to visit or spend our tourism dollars in the Upper Peninsula, and to not knowingly purchase any products made in the Upper Peninsula, as long as wolf hunting and trapping are permitted in that region of our state. Because the people's right to referendum on this matter and all future matters involving the wildlife of our state has been denied by the enactment of these bills, we find that economic action in the form of a boycott is the only option left available to us. (Tribal lands and Native American products are specifically exempt from this boycott.)

Why is this important?

State Senator Tom Casperson (R, 38th District) led the Republican effort in the Michigan legislature to initiate a wolf hunt in the state. His co-sponsored bills, SB 288 and 289, were passed in both houses with overwhelming Republican support, and were signed into law by Republican Governor Snyder on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. These new laws initiate a hunt that is unnecessary and unwarranted by science, permits steel trapping of wolves, and takes away the people's right to referendum on all future wildlife issues in Michigan.