To: The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Boycott Florida Tourism

We're boycotting Florida tourism until the "stand your ground" law is overturned. Your state is not a safe place to vacation if your citizens are able to kill anyone they deem suspicious.

Why is this important?

The original petition to boycott Florida tourism was posted more than a year ago, when there was intense debate going on about Stand Your Ground, because George Zimmerman had not been arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. That trial has ended, and no petition in the world will bring Trayvon back to his grieving parents. This petition is about repealing Stand Your Ground in Florida (and in turn all other states that have it) because the law is flawed and dangerous.


Reasons for signing

  • rascist government in Florida. I will not vacation or consider spending a dime in your state.I have also contacted family and friends and they are happily doing the same which calculates to about 50,000 . We will be spending that money in a state that doesn't handicap its voters because of race .
  • Florida and its fascist governor think it is ok to kill people if they are black or leftist. NOT equal protection under the law!
  • the gov is a racist. As soon as it was determined covid 19 affected minority populations and killed them more often, he wanted to open his state fully back up with no masks required. Thousands more people died unnecessarily because he decided politicking was more important than minority lives. I'll never spend another dime in his racist state.