To: Fox News

Boycott Fox News Advertisers

Boycott Fox News Advertisers

Why is this important?

This propaganda mill masquerading as a news organization is a root cause of the divisiveness in our country. It seeks to undermine legitimate journalism.It has profoundly impacted elections and the entire political process.Advertisers are completely vulnerable to financial pressure.Rupert Murdoch is not fit to lead an international empire of supposed news gathering. His agenda is to thwart and attack legitimate news gathering which is vital to the Democratic process.Boycotts work. This is a publicly traded company trafficking in hate, misinformation, and propaganda. It is past time to fight this criminal enterprise


Reasons for signing

  • I stopped watching Fox about three years ago. Then they hired Donna Brazile, cheater extraordinaire, and that old goat from ABC or some other snake pit. My husband kept watching. He finally saw the light on election night. Night, night Fox. You won't be missed.
  • They are destroying democracy in real time.
  • Trump's refusal to concede, abetted by some Republicans and some on Fox news is DESTABILIZING OUR DEMOCRACY. Must be exposed and confronted as such! Be mindful: Trump's unwillingness to EVER say "I was wrong. I made a mistake." is a diagnosable psychiatrist condition and must be flagged as such! This action is DESTABILIZING OUR DEMOCRACY!