To: Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno, President

Boycott Maximus Coffee!

Boycott Maximus Coffee Group in order to support striking workers in Houston. Put pressure on Maximus management to bargain fairly with these workers so that they can return to work as quickly as possible.

Why is this important?

Maximus coffee workers have been on strike in Houston since October 10th because company bosses have proposed to cut workers salaries by up to 50%, increase the employee cost of company health care plans and stop company contributions to retirement plans. We must put pressure on Maximus management to bargain fairly with UFCW so that workers can return to work as quickly as possible with a living wage and decent benefits. This would be a good outcome for the workers, the community as well as the company. It would be beneficial for the workers because when workers wages are cut, communities suffer because workers cannot continue to contribute to the community as they had before. it would be beneficial to the company because trained and experienced workers would continue to produce quality products instead of the inferior products produced by scabs or disgruntled, underpaid, overstressed workers. Boycott Maximus coffee and the companies that distribute their products which includes: Beaumont Coffee, Boston Best Products, Cafe D’Irio coffee, Cloverleaf Coffee, Folgers Coffee Products, Maxwell House Coffee Collections, Maxwell House Coffee Singles, Maxwell House De-Cafe coffee, Maxwell House Filter Packs, Maxwell House Instant Coffee, Maxwell House International Café, Nestle Coffee Products, Sanka Instant Coffee