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To: target of the petition: Rush Limbaugh's radio show sponsors

Boycott Rush Limbaugh's Sponsors

Stop sponsoring Rush Limbaugh's radio show. We the undersigned are informing you that we are committing to boycotting all corporate sponsors of Rush Limbaugh and his radio talk show. We will not purchase any products made, distributed, or sold by your companies until you discontinue that sponsorship. We will also inform all who will listen of what we believe to be the inflammatory and harmful quality of Rush's spiteful, hurtful, and often erroneous diatribes that divide the country, sow discontent, and run contrary to our American values of justice and fairness, peace and unity, cooperation and tolerance between all people and that through your sponsorship of Rush you are interfering with the America that we are dedicated to building.

Why is this important?

Enough of Rush Limbaugh! Glen Beck is gone thanks to the boycott of his sponsors and now it's time to get rid of Rush. Rush has spewed his hatred for years and now his latest version of nonsense concerns the Georgetown college student who testified that her friend lost an ovary due to being denied healthcare. Rush mischaracterizes (or downright lies) that she testified she's having so much sex that she can't afford to pay for her contraception, calling her a "Femi-Nazi" and "slut" and disgustingly suggests the public has a right to watch videos of her sexual activities. Why this latest diatribe? Because she dared to support women's healthcare rights. Just a typical day for Rush and although he has a right to say whatever he chooses, we as a society should equally have the right to protect ourselves from it. Shame, shame, shame John Hogan, CEO of Clear Channel radio, and Rush's sponsors who promote and support through their funding such crass, nasty, and spiteful attacks on our fellow Americans. In consequence after years of his nonsense I'm ready to sign a petition to boycott Rush Limbaugh's sponsors. Are you?
Rush always has an opinion and its always toxic, hateful, and hurtful and pits Americans against Americans, promoting division and distrust, never the spirit of peace and cooperation. Time for Rush to go. Let's use our power at the marketplace and pledge to withhold our purchasing dollars, not buying the sponsors products, and inform other citizens of what we believe to be Rush's harmful effects through every means available including such as conversations, letters to the editors of newspapers, repeated letters to those corporate sponsors as necessary, and whatever legal means available. Our power is in our wallets so let's use it. Time to rally for the America of of values that honors national unity and respect.



2020-08-17 10:25:25 -0400

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