To: Dean Baquet, Executive Editor and Letters to the Editor

New York Times: Bret Stephens Must Go

Fire bigot and climate denier Bret Stephens.

Why is this important?

Bret Stephens is a bigot and climate-science denier. He has a Constitutional right to share his attacks on Muslims, women, climate scientists. However, he doesn't deserve the payment and prestige of the New York Times.

Stephens' first column, "Climate of Complete Certainty," was riddled with misleading statements and factual missteps. Stephens' work is in service of a campaign of deceit devised by ExxonMobil and other members of the fossil-fuel industry—which has been well reported by the Times.

For years, the Times ran misleading and false ads by ExxonMobil attacking climate science on its opinion pages. Thankfully, that past error has since been corrected.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Times has been running an ad campaign claiming the paper's leadership believes "The Truth Is More Important Than Ever." It is time for the Times to remain consistent with its professed respect for the truth, reverse its hiring error and let Bret Stephens go.