To: The Michigan State House and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Bridge at Eager north of M59

The bridge near Hutchings Elementary has been permanently closed and needs to be fixed. Why do we pay taxes if roads and bridges won't be fixed when our tax dollars are going for areas that don't affect us.

Why is this important?

A bridge has been deemed unsafe due to load bearing test. Now, the entire TAX PAYING community that has children that go to Hutchings Elementary are terribly inconvenienced. Now there is only 1 road out of the school. Latson Road. That means there is only 1 way for emergency responders to get to the school. That could mean the difference between life and death. On a smaller note, many people go over the bridge to go through the back entrance of the school to pick up and drop off their children. This bridge needs to be fixed. The information I've been given is that there are zero funds available for use on this bridge. Zero funds when I see all of Detroit and Flint and Pontiac have road crews fixing bridges. Unfortunately since we aren't in an urban area, we just get to pay for the bridges of other communities and our own does not get fixed. We all pay taxes to the state of Michigan.